Sunday, 29 March 2009

Oakley Races.....

The Oakley Hunt held it's annual Point-to-Point meeting today, just up the road from here at Brafield-in-the-Green. If you've never been to a point-to-point day, you ought to make the effort.There are dozens, all over the country.

They are generally very well organised, with trade stalls, things to do for kids, and get a good turnout of locals, country folk, the horse fraternity, and of course those who are only there for the betting.

They are invariably very easygoing family friendly affairs, without the rules and social regulations of formal Horse Racing meetings. The standard of racing is a little more agricultural was well, but that part of the fun I suppose.

I narrowly avoided losing my shirt by concentrating on my camera, and keeping away from the betting ring. And the beer tent, and the burger van.

I am a sort of abstemious, photographic martyr I am.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Well earned nice photos, then! If you stop posting, I'll be suspecting one of those in the betting ring photo. Be careful!

Stephen Baird said...

great photos. appreciate your work.