Sunday, 22 March 2009


I was up and out at 4:30 yesterday morning, to drive to Oundle, and shoot the sunrise over the water meadows between Achurch and Wadenhoe. Well that was the plan anyway, but its execution turned out to be easier in the mind, than in the marsh.

First of all, before dawn, it's like reeeally dark and stuff .....And then when the sun does comes up, it doesn't hang about (metaphorically if not perhaps literally speaking) so the best moments to photograph it low over the fields, pass by in the changing of a lens.

And it was misty. Not in a pleasingly bucolic "mist rising gently over the river" kind of way, but just a plain old "30 yard, mess up your focus" kind of a way. Suffice it to say then, there is a lot more to this particular discipline of landscape photography that I need to master, before achieving the sort of results I was aiming for.

So no fiery sunrise pictures here...... But, whist I was kneeling by my tripod, in the half light, in some mud at the water's edge, I noticed that where the river had risen and receded at some point, the ground was littered with the shells of tiny water snails.

I suppose we could draw some kind of Zen like conclusion therefore, about not endlessly chasing the elusive, big dreams in life, without stopping to see the beauty in small things, right under your nose.

But frankly I can't be bothered with all that hippy shit, so you'll just have to phrase it yourself, if enlightenment happens to be big dream that you are seeking...... (Insert own Karma statement here)


lottie said...

Oh what a disappointment for you - but the snail photos are the best I have seen and such wonderful colours

Matron said...

So where's the sunrise? did you make it that far?