Saturday, 4 April 2009

How The Mighty Are Fallen...........

Along with a number of allotmenteers (or ex-but-hopefully-soon-to-be-again allotmenteers in my case) I'm normally utterly faithful to the creed of veg....and I DO NOT DO FLOWERS.

Very sensibly, Matron DOES NOT DO FLOWERS either!

However....... my tub grown veg turned out to be all work for very little reward last year, and I might just have an allotment before winter. (The council have relented on their previous rigid insistance on only letting full 10-rod plots, and have slashed the waiting list by suddenly handing out lots of half plots!) So I have decided not to bother with too much with veg at home this year.

Trouble is, I don't want to sit in a patio garden all summer, surrounded by barrels of bare earth, ringed with plastic netting to keep off the Phantom Feline Defecator. I need to put something in them to fill them up.

So along with some carrots, and a few ridiculously optimistic tomatoes, I shoved in some flower seeds today - in as brisk & manly a fashion as I could manage, whilst whistling the theme tune from "Match of the Day", to make me feel a bit better about planting Eschscholzias and....gulp....Sweet Peas.

So imagine my shock then, when I visited Matron's blog, to sheepishly confess the error of my ways, and found that she has only just gone and planted some bloomin' bloomers herself!

What is the world coming to?..... I blame Gordon Brown.


Soilman said...

Well, quite. I blame Gordon Brown for everything. If you think about it for a minute, it's the only logical way to go.

The Allotment Blogger said...

Actually, what you're doing is growing an 'aesthetic salad' planter - nasturtiums, marigolds etc can all be munched on, you can save Love Lies Bleeding Seed and grind it to make flour (but why would you, I wonder?) because it's part of the amaranth family and you can pickle nasturtium seeds to make a very passable caper substitute. Feel better now?

Matron said...

If I hear another blogger telling me that I can eat marigolds... I will eat my spade!! grrrr

welsh girls allotment said...

Sweet Peas are amazing ... I have just finished planting a tunnel of them this evening down a the plot 80plants in total I am hoping they will look and smell really good!!