Friday, 11 April 2008

Yankee Doodle Dandy?..............

I'm trying a new variety of climbing bean this year, as on reflection, a whole wigwam full of traditional runner beans is too much for one person to endure.

I chose this one called "Kentucky Wonder Wax" soley because it looked good in the picture on the packet.

I'm quite shallow like that.

Perhaps Petunia's Gardener might have some experience or opinions on it?


gintoino said...

I see that you started them in pots. I've always been told that beans dont like being transplanted. Do you have a diferent experience? (if so I will start mine in pots too)

Greenmantle said...

Hi Gintonio..

It's never been a problem for me.
I always do it this way, and they grow like mad.

You get a good headstart this way, and less risk of mice eating the seeds.

Don't plant them out unitl they have several proper big leaves on them though.

If starting pots indoors, remember to gradually acclimatise them to outdoor temperatures before transplanting them. Or In sunny Portugal...just start them in pots outside!

(A slightly bigger pot than I used is better, but not crucial)

One of the reasons that some plants "check" or slow down after transplanting is the change from potting soil, to the natural outdoor soil. To avoid this, make a slightly bigger hole, and put some potting soil into first, to help them get over it.

Good luck!


Petunia's Gardener said...

Hi GM - good tips on starting in pots & planting out. I do that with some squash/pumpkins just because they never seem to sprout in the cold garden soil. Helping them through the transition is key.

I haven't grown the Kentucky Wonder before, but many people do according to the blosgs. I like the flavor of the Romano (aka Italian?) beans and haven't grown the more traditional green beans. I think it is like the shelling peas. My experience is eating them from cans (no garden as a youth). Now I know fresh is always better, but that is what I think of with the more traditional green beans and peas. So, we'll see how you like them and I may have a new variety to try next year! - Paula

Matron said...

The climbing French beans do really well in my garden. Last year a purple bean called Blauhilde was fantastic. Hope yours do as well! xx

gintoino said...

Thank you for all the great info on starting beans in pots. I will start them in pots outside (its not cold and they get a lot more light).