Wednesday, 9 April 2008

'Anging's Too Good Fer 'Em.....

Well it had to happen....Last night some delightful individual tried to wrench the door mirror off my car. It's actually a quiet road, in a very "nice" part of the village that I park on, but nowhere is idiot free in the 21st century is it?

I knew that a new (as in different) car would attract attention sooner or later, so I can only conclude we are to assume two weeks is par for the course these days.

It was probably kids. Most of the low level car trouble round here is, and after all, a door mirror is not an item you can steal, or even have much fun with in the street....Just the "satisfaction" of knowing you caused someone else a problem.

I can get another one for £25 quid, so it's not a great loss, just a sigh provoking annoyance.

I blame the parents myself.......Not all parents obviously..... Just specifically those off whichever malcontent was responsible.

They should have had the good manners to have had a headache instead of a hankering, the night they conceived the little scrote.


Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Shoot the buggers - they keyed mine on the first night!

Greenmantle said...

Maybe we should become broccoli wielding vigilantes Frankie...Make them succumb to the Artichoke of Righteous Power.

Mind you, we'd need a few converts....There's a lot of badlands between the Nene and the Lugg.