Monday, 14 April 2008

The Money Pit.............

Things are currently going OK on the transport front you’ll be glad to know, but I am now starting to experience the expensive reality of being a car owner.

After motoring over to Daventry at the weekend, (I prefer describe it that way, as it conjures up images of flickery 1940’s “You Can Be Sure Of Shell” public information films) and over a couple of pints with my mate The Barbarian, he casually mentioned that given my car’s advanced dotage, I ought to think about changing the cam belt,….. whatever THAT is.

To be fair to him, he did query this with the dealer when we first went to look at it, but I was too busy thinking “Red, Shiny!, Red, Shiny!, Red, Shiny!” to pay much attention to it.

A quick e-mail to “Honest John”, the Daily Telegraph’s excellent motoring agony uncle, saw him reply overnight, advising me I should certainly get it changed. And moreover, also use the proper Ford “pulleys and tensioner”….Whatever THOSE are!

Now despite my self confessed engineering naivety, I still think it not unreasonable to assume that a modern 20th century Zetec engine, might have at its heart, something more advanced than a giant rubber band and some pulleys, but hey, I'm not an expert, and can only go on what I'm told.

I am further advised that whilst it might never happen, were the cam belt to actually fail, something mighty unpleasant of an “exploding spaghetti” like nature would happen in the engine, which would undoubtedly prove either expensive, terminal, or both.

So I suppose I should get it seen to, if only for the peace of mind.

All of which clearly demonstrates why the motorcar is often referred to as a “Money Pit”….. A vast black hole into which you regularly throw bundles of cash, never to see it again.

It also reminds me of another old saying, (which I quote here entirely tongue-in-cheek of course)……

…………“If it’s got tits or tyres it’s gonna be trouble.”

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