Monday, 10 March 2008

Halfway Home.......

My sojourn in Devon is over. A quick four hour dash up the M3 on Saturday, has seen me both halfway home geographically, and "back home" figuratively, as I am in Tonbridge again.

I'm just loitering here for a week, staying with friends, whilst attempting to buy a car. As I have a) Never owned a vehicle before, much less bought one. b) Am on a budget. c) Am a complete mechanical fuckwit; it seems a much better bet to do this here, where I can call on the sage opinions of the "the boys in the pub", rather than try to avoid getting ripped off in Northampton.

After some serious research I have decided it needs to be a reliable runner, big enough for my legs to fit under the steering wheel, and prefferably not a putrid colour. Beyond these exacting criteria I am open to anything the the Honest Johns of the region have to offer.

Next week, when I am finally back at Quotidian Towers, with my own computer and all my funky sofware I'll have a mountian of Devonian wildlife pictures to upload. Meanwhile I am getting to grips with my host's laptop. This is proving a frustrating exercise, as despite being a tip-top, modern machine, the keyboard layout has my sausage fingers completely foxed. Give me a big clunky desktop any day. I keep accidentally turnING THE CAPSLOCK ON , AND REPOSitioning the cursor all over the shop. This post has taken me nearly an hour to type so far, and it's not even very funny.

Probably a good cue to stop wAFFLING, and start reading Autotrader.


Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

I'm still getting used to having a car. I do love my Beetle - you have to wave at other Beetle drivers!!

Greenmantle said...

Sheeesh...this is the sort of stuff they don't prepare ou for on the driving test.

Please tell me there are no similar arcane and embarrasing rituals involving Fiesta or VW drviers.Which seems to be my mozt likely outcome at the moment.

Greenmantle said...

dratted laptop!