Saturday, 22 March 2008

"2, 4, 6, 8, Motorway" ?

Bit of a busy week by my recent standards.

I finally arrived home in Northants last weekend, and immediately did what any enlightened 21st century man would do after a period of painful separation.... Spent 2 days of quality time with my widescreen telly, revelling in all the hot & cold running sport, playing my cd's, and gazing with a fondly tearful eye at my quietly glowing computer screen...... Who says love cannot endure.

Eventually I managed to force myself to deal with tons of post for previous residents, call the landlord about the poxy, temperamental boiler (which I do not love in the slightest) and generally catch up with all the stuff you have to do to keep life ticking over.

My patch of garden doesn't look to have fared to badly over the winter, and is remarkably weed free. Unfortunately it is not free of unwanted fertilizer, as it seems that in my absence one of the local felines has reappointed my three planting tubs as one vast "cat-lav". An unpleasant task awaits, when I am fit enough to grovel about on hands and knees again.

Speaking of knees, mine have had a pretty easy time of it lately, what with no stairs to climb, and very little walking to do. So now that the Achilles & ankle situation seems to be improving, and I am pushing myself to do a bit more, they have adopted a most unhelpful attitude, and are reluctant to bend down or scale stairs. The peculiarities of the human body never cease to amaze and vex me.

Good job I bought a car today then!.......Just in case you are someone who knows me in the real world, (and I know a few who do actually read this drivel) I'll repeat that so it sinks in....

Yup....HE BOUGHT A CAR!........Cue panic and despair, insurance industry hikes, and probable threat to house prices. But only if you read the Daily Mail.

I am possibly the worlds most untalented and unwilling motorist, and have avoided car ownership all my adult life. But needs must when the Devil drives....and believe me you'd be far better off taking a lift from him than chancing your luck with me.

It was made several years ago by some disgruntled artisans from Dagenham, and is as red as a Shop Steward's manifesto. It appears to have been cosseted and well treated by the old codger who owned it before though, so it should in fact feel right at home with me. (No, I will not be naming it. That's so a girl thing.)

The one plus point that I can see in being a driver, is that it gives me an excuse to buy more technology......... Who needs friends when you can have Sat-Nav!

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Petunia's Gardener said...

Oh, the places you'll go and the photos we'll see! Enjoy