Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Despatches from Devon...............

Just a very quick update from a suddenly cold and windy town somewhere in Devon, and a thank you for all the "get well" messages and emails.

Well I had my surgery, and all seems to be OK. Afterwards I was offered any colour of cast that I liked, so with season of social torture and crap TV fast approaching I naturally chose black. It suited my mood at this time of year, and looks very stylish.... In invalid terms that it is.

The leg is progressing fine though, it's just my sanity that is suffering due to being very limited in where I can go and what I can manage to do.... I never thought before now that I would ever tire of a life comprising lots of intensive sitting down, interspersed with bouts of frantic snoozing; but relaxation turns out not all it's cracked up to be.

It also transpires that I am a liability on crutches , and have, in Hollywood parlance, "been doing my own stunts". Hopefully however, I can get the plaster cast off at the end of his month, and start on some physio. Possibly I may get home to Quotidian Towers sometime in March.

Have to hop off now as my library-based Internet session is about to "time out"


lilymarlene said...

Poor old you! It all sounds very nasty.....and a warning to me to behave with my tendons....I have very sore ones! (I have invested in some orthotics for my shoes which have helped enormously!)

Glad the op is over (you won't have seen that I've had one too....but at the other end of the body!) and that you seem to be progresing well. Your gardening will have to be theoretical for a while. Enjoy the enforced rest.
Why not try a new hobby....! LOL

Matron said...

I need to see that you re-cycle your cast somewhere in the garden when you get back to it. Can you find a use for it.. I wonder.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Hey, you made it to the library. I just popped over to see if we'd heard from you. Be careful on those crutches so you can get that plaster cast off soon.

Best wished for continued healing.

Anonymous said...

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She Who Digs said...

Hope you are healing well and are back on both feet soon. Our lives seem strangely similar- restricted mobility with a good dose of frustration and impatience thrown in. At least we both have an end in sight, although I can probably take a good guess at which will ‘smart’ the most!
Take care
Sarah (SWD)