Saturday, 17 November 2007

Entering Hibernation.......

As of next week, posts to this blog will cease for a while, as I will not have internet access very often.

Unfortunately, my tiresome achilles tendon gave up the ghost completely last week and landed me in A&E for the evening. A trip through the MRI Scanner (which for anyone who has not seen one, is much the same as a going through the Stargate, but without any aliens) reveals I have 2.5cm gap where it should be connected to my ankle......Baaaad tendon!

The highlight of the evening was when the doctor asked me if I heard anything untoward as it snapped. This apparently helps them assess the exent of the damage.

"Afraid I couldn't hear anything over the screaming and swearing" I quipped.

The upshot is that I have to have an operation to repair it, followed by 8 weeks in plaster and several more of physio. This brings into play an "achilles heel" of another kind. One related to my cottage, which has two flights of narrow and very steep, twisting stairs. Not something I could ever manage on crutches.

Hence, until sometime in January probably, I shall be staying with my folks in their nice, level, totally stairless bungalow in Devon..... Far, far, away from t'internet.

Apparently, once I am hopping about again, I can log on at the library in the nearest town, (Oooooh the bright lights!) so I shall still be able to sniff the ether occasionally I expect.

Quotidian then, will in fact just be hibernating....

Cheers all.



Petunia's Gardener said...

You've definitely had your share of excitement for one year and now you're borrowing some from others I think. Sorry to hear about this turn of events! Your folks will enjoy having you around and I'll bet you'll make the most of any photographic opportunities that come along. Unless you figure out how to post from your mobile phone, we'll be watching for you after hibernation. Best wishes for a smooth recovery.

Allotment Lady said...

Oh no - what a pain - literally. I will so miss reading your entertaining blog.

At least you will be very well looked after in Devon - a lovely part of the country - and get thoroughly spoilt over Christmas too.

Merry Christmas - and a Happy and Healthier new year


Jean said...

Hope your recovery goes well-wonder what part of Devon you're going to be in? Here in Teignmouth we have internet access for the community at the library + it's(free)at the local primary school!!!

Greenmantle said...

Thanks for your good wishes guys, hope to catch up with you soon.

Jean - I will be in a village about 7 miles outside Kingsbridge. I'm told there is a free internet point in the library there too.

She Who Digs said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Grrenmantle and have a lovely Christmas too.

lilymarlene said...

Very very best wishes for a very speedy recovery. We'll miss you!

blueblue said...

Sorry about your ankle. Have enjoyed reading your blog - nice photographs. Hope it all heals well for you.

Matron said...

Perhaps someone might knit you a new tendon for Christmas? will make a nice change from a ghastly jumper. Comiserations! Matron xx

Rebsie Fairholm said...

Really sorry to hear about the busted ankle, just as I was enjoying the lovely photographs from your excursions around and about. You always write so entertainingly too.

Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery!