Sunday, 29 April 2007

"Oh, to be in England now that April's there!"

So said Robert Browning in the opening line of his poem "Home Thoughts From Abroad". And although when it comes down to it, I'm more of an Autumn man myself, you have got to admit that proper English Springtime takes some beating. Particularly these lastfew years of new globally warmed Spring.

I'm supposed to exercising by walking briskly for an hour a day at the moment, as part of a self imposed "get fit" kick I'm on. (See my previous Life List ) As this is easier said, considered, and put off, than it is done, I was in debt to the exercise bank at the end of this week; and so decided to make up for it by going on major walk, hike or whatever you like to call it, yesterday morning. (I like to call it a "trudge" actually.) Also, as I am getting nearer to leaving Kent (God's Own Kingdom, Garden of England, Centre of the Civilised World etc, etc) I am getting a bit nostalgic for its leafy countryside..... I know for a fact that Northamptonshire has some terrific countryside of its own cos I checked, but there's nothing like the hidden byways and pastures you know.

I reckon I covered about 8-10 miles, fuelled only by two slice of brown toast and a banana, so that should have knocked off a few calories. (Oh, and pint of King & Barnes Sussex Ale about halfway, but hey, who's counting?)

The point of all this preambling ramble about rambling, is that I took the camera with me, and ended up shooting lots of shots of nature in action, and the flowers of the field etc; which of course I'm now about to post for your interest....You lucky souls!

Better break it up into a few seperate posts though or Blogger will have the cardiac that I'm trying to avoid.

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