Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sun?....They Never Told Me There Would Be Sun!.......

I have been away, and it was HOT. The unexpected conjunction of these two unusual occurences is a very rare thing indeed, and may have affected my head.

This is my excuse for not posting anything for weeks, even though I have been back a fortnight.

When I say I went "away" it was only to Devon, but you could have been forgiven for mistaking Dartmouth for St Tropez, such was the harsh brightness of the mediterranean light, and the hotness of the, er...heat.

A day on Dartmoor with my father, consisted of driving miles to find views I wanted to photograph, only to find I should have gone in the morning, or the afternoon, or just after lunch. Any time in fact apart from the time we arrived, when the sun was always coming from the wrong direction. I can see I must get hold of a "sun-compass"...(hint, hint, Sis!)

We took sandwiches and flasks and had proper father and & son type fun nonethless, even if having one of my parents on board for the first time did subconciously make me drive around all day as if I was taking my test again... ... though equally badly no doubt.

The Church above, stands on Brent Tor, and is a severe test for the faithful on cold winter's morning's I have no doubt...... Below is the inner harbour at Dartmouth.

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Petunia's Gardener said...

The sun part is what we've been saying here for 20+ days, but today we have had rain (a big yeh from the gardeners). I'd put these places you've shared on my Away list anyday.