Sunday, 24 May 2009

Off The Top Of My Head.....

On the rare occasions when mother nature can no longer be denied and I need a hair cut, I would normally expect to spend the time fending off questions about my plans for the weekend, holidays, or being asked my opinions about people on television whom I have never heard of. (And I am not making any stereotypical insinuations the hairdressing profession….It just seems to be the law that you have to talk about this stuff whilst in the chair.)

So it was an unexpected change as I had my ears lowered yesterday, to find myself in a detailed conversation about white rot in onions, the best time to thin carrots, and many other matters vegi-cultural. The more so since the girl cutting my hair was in her early twenties, and yet mad keen on having an allotment. She has been sharing one with her boyfriend’s dad, but is soon to take over a plot of her own on a new site that is in the final stages of preparation in Northampton.

Which brings me to the second surprising point of this post, after the cabbage loving crimper; the fact that this new site has been reclaimed from the clutches of Tescos.

The Harlestone Road site in Duston, had been derelict for about 8 years, and was proposed for a new Superstore (Kenyan and Egyptians french beans available all year round doubtless), or alternatively for planting of another kind, as an extension to the local cemetery.

Fortunately Northampton has a very vocal and seemingly well organised Allotments Network group, who have successfully lobbied for the new improved facility, with roads, sheds, piped water etc, as well as upgrades to other sites.

Truly we live in strange but encouraging times, when the resurgence of allotmenteering has inspired so many diverse people, and has the power to see off big business.

Not entirely sure how I will feel about pinks sheds, and human hair mulches though……


altadenahiker said...

I always pretend to go to sleep in the chair. How was I to know a discussion about compost or worm casing was a possibility?

lottie said...

How nice to have a sensible conversation whilst getting your hair cut.

I end up being an agony aunt to mine - she feels better - I come out feeling 'down' and it costs me a fortune LOL