Thursday, 5 February 2009

Photo Tagged.....

It seems that it's time for another of those inescapable blogosphere chain letter things.... and I have been "tagged" by Frankie, all the way from her rural idyll in Herefordshire....a county that is proud to be "gastronomically great at any time of the year"....not just at Christmas, or for a few heady days in summer, but at ANY time!..... Hardcore.

Anyway, the mission appears to be... "go into your photo archive, pick the 4th folder in the archive, select the 4th picture in the folder, and write about it. A person then needs to tag 4 other people to do the same".

This resulted in a mind numbingly banal photo of the back of my car wing mirror that I took for evidential purposes after it was vandalised. Not wanting to be labelled a dirty low down cheat however, I was all set to lie about it ( lying's not as bad as cheating right ?) until I realised it was only the numerically chosen one if my photo folders appear in alphabetical order.

A quick , wholly unconnected decision that I really ought to be filing stuff chronologically, resulted in this shot of Edinburgh Castle.

I remember that I took it balancing on top of the back of a bench in Princes Street, in order to see over the railings. It was World Cup Finals week in 2006, it was searing hot, and I had a heat induced rash all over my face, which made me look like The Elephant Man. I was staying in a cheap hotel, that was 99% full of foreign exchange students, and was built over a massive 24 hour bar.

As a weekend away, this photo is about the only half decent thing I have to say about it.

My four victims shall be:
She Who Digs
...and right out of left field, as they allegedly say in those parts Jill Twiss who has nothing whatsover ever to do with growing vegetables (as far as I know) but is still very funny, despite this glaring oversight.


Jill said...

I think you might be unclear as to what the Elephant Man actually looked like.

I shall endeavor to live up to your tagging, though I haven't any idea how. Wish me luck!

Greenmantle said...

No believe you me Jill, I had raised lumps all over the place..OK so maybe it was more like if John Hurt/Merrick had been on one of those beuaty makeover shows, and had a load of cosmetic surgery done....And without the big head of course, but it still wasn't pretty.

clairesgarden said...

thanks for joining in! not sure you were really in ediburgh? did you say it was hot, really? must of missed it.....

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Gastronomically great Herefordshire? I suppose the McDonalds is rather good and we now have a Subway as well.

A rootdigger said...

Million dollar photo. f
for sure!!