Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Drugs Good, Beer Bad..........

So there I am at the hospital, listening to the (very pretty) Rheumatologist tell me how my immune system is attacking my joints, and therefore trying to choose my medication of choice from the menu they offered me (I kid you not!) when it suddenly dawns on me….. I could swear she just said “ No alcohol”.

Actually she was talking, and I was reading, so what I was hearing was “Blah, Blah, Liver... Blah, Blah, No Beer…Blah Blah, Blah Very Bad”

This distracted me a bit, as the likelihood is that when we hit on the particular drug that works for me, they will become a permanent fixture.

“I’m sorry, did you just say that once I start taking any of these I can’t drink again…… all?”

“Oh yes, if you take alcohol you’ll feel quite ill, and you risk serious liver damage. Why, is that a problem?”

“Er no..... not a problem exactly…. It’s just…. well it just seems a bit …… a bit depressing really”

“ Oh, don’t worry you’ll get used to it!”


PS. Don’t ever be tempted to waste £1.65 on trying so called Alcohol Free larger. It tastes like diluted sick.

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Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

That's horrific - I would start growing a cannabis forest as soon as possible.