Sunday, 7 September 2008

In Which I Am Told Off......

.....albeit quite gently, for dereliction of duty.

Amongst those who have remarked on my recent cyber-sloth are The Deputy Head, The Fruity Analyst, Banking Chick (currently counts 2) and various veg-bothering folk with dirt under their finger nails.

Here then is a placatory offering, in the form of an abbrieviated highlights package, in editied version, of a brief summary, of what I have been up to.

- Went to Devon. Where it rained.
- Drove to Cornwall, in the rain.
- Came home and went fishing - caught fat fuck all again, and got rained on.
- Went to Stowe House & Gardens, in the rain, natch!
- Visited Rutland Water where they obviously get quite a bit of rain it seems.

Let the following damp and squidgy scenes be admitted into evidence M' Lud......

Dartmoor, between downpours, and the drowned Church at Normanton, on Rutland Water....

More Miserable Motoring Memories

Stowe, near Buckingham, where they are clearly no strangers to the wet stuff..........

And this is Start Point Lighthouse, in Devon. Although taken on the one day of my holiday when it miraculously did not rain, I contest that its very prescence, points to a wild and stormy tendancy in these parts.

By the way.... I got sunburnt.

........Bloody weather!


Petunia's Gardener said...

Some nice usage of the situation for interesting photos. that ole blue sky get so boring after a while (really, I'm sure that's the truth).

lottie said...

What a beautiful holiday you had. Unlike you - I have to stay out of the sun - so now dull days I love - rain's good too - well summer rain - its warm.