Sunday, 29 June 2008

Criminals Thwarted By Beer....

In response to the sporadic molestations of some local martial arts enthusiast, with a grudge against door mirrors (as previously blogged upon here), I have devised a simple, but thus far devastatingly effective countermeasure.

I leave my car at the Pub......Genius!

Bruce Lee does his best work at the weekends it seems; so on Friday nights after work, and Saturdays before bedtime, I run the car the 100 odd yards up the road, and tuck it up for the night in the pub's car park, which is then eventually locked. During the rest of the week it has to fend for itself, out on the mean streets, but unless Bruce takes up mid-week club going, things seem to be OK.

The Landlord, who is a very obliging fellow, doesn't mind my use of his yard a bit, as long as I move it the next day before paying punters want to park. In fact, you could take the view that it's a shrewd move on his part, as out of gratitude, I usually feel obliged to pop in for quick one when I drop it off.

And as we all know, the legendary "quick one" doesn't actually exist.......

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