Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Windows On The (Old) Soul......

It seems that I have "ageing eyes".

Perhaps this should not come as a surprise, as the rest me is definitely slowly maturing, but my eyes have always been tip-top bits of kit. Real 20:20 grade peepers. I am therefore a little sad to be told I have "ageing eyes".

Apparently they are not quite pulling together they way they used to. Some might say that my left hand has not known what my right hand is doing for years, particularly anyone who has seen me play golf, but it's the first time it has been said of my headlamps.

The very efficient optometrist in Vision Express, made it all sound so matter of fact.... "You have ageing eyes. It's to be expected now you are over 40."

She might as well have added " The rest of you will be conking out soon I expect, so don't start any long books."...... Then she relieved me of £180.

I decided to have an eye test before I start the new job, as I'm aware I've been straining to see fine detail on the computer screen, which after a while, makes me feel decidedly sea-sick.

The resultant glasses are very mild in prescription terms, but do seem to be doing the trick so far, although with their help I can foresee the need for second pair, to avoid inconveniently leaving them at home or work all the time.

I only need them for VDU work, or prolonged reading, but all the same, it still feels like a slur on my youth and vitality.

Thank God I still have naturally dark hair..... Not a solitary hint of grey there!..........Yet.


welsh girls allotment said...

Hi there, if you are looking for cheap leaveabout glasses, Iuse a company called glassesdirect.com and they do glasses with lenses from £15 - and they are nice, I am a contact lens girl have been for over 20 years will not wear my glasses unless I really have to but the new glasses I have bought from them are fab !
I asm a bit gushy about them because my last glasses cost me £156 about 5years ago so to find nice looking glasses for beer money prices was a fantastic find.
I haven't been by for ages so I am off for a pootle through the archives !!

Greenmantle said...

Welcome back Welsh Lass!..... By all means pootle through my undergrowth m'dear.

Soilman said...

So sympathise. Got my first pair of specs under similar circs 'just for driving'. Within months I was wearing them all day every day... simply to avoid the problem of not having them when I needed them. Serious pisser.