Saturday, 6 October 2007

Eastern Promise.........

My first pak choi are ready, and these are two are destined for the the wok.

I have been puzzling over which little crittur has been munching small round holes in the outer leaves.

I was pretty sure that it wasn't slugs, as I have been inspecting them daily, and haven't seen many.

Also, I have used enough slug bait to fell : a) a whole lotta slugs, and b) an Ox.

When I cut these for cooking however, I found in the centre of each one a tiny, viridian green caterpillar.

They were easily removed without any damage to the hearts though; and anyway, as my old Grandad would say, "Them as eat's most pak choi eats most caterpillars"......Except it was probably cabbage.... I doubt he had ever heard of pak choi.


Melanie Rimmer said...

Those look good. I might plant some next year.

Greenmantle said...

Well they are very straight forward and low maintenance to grow Melanie, and they mature quite fast compared to other greens.