Sunday, 12 August 2007

Church & State....

The BBC in Norwich is housed in the Millennium Forum, another striking glass and steel structure, that also works quite well as a piece of architecture. There are shops and offices on the ground level, and a mezzanine restaurant running along the front of the upper floor.

You can't see it fully here as these are a bit close up, but there is a big forum in front, clearly beloved by busking students and roller skaters, and then St Peter's Church on the other side.

When the light is right, you get a weird abstract reflection of the church in the front of the restaurant... how arty!


Anonymous said...

I have lived in East Anglia for over 20 years, and love Norwich, but you have made me see this city in a whole new light,really enjoyed your latest few posts, come back and see us soon!

Greenmantle said...

Thank you for saying so Anon.

I'm very keen to try and improve my photography skills and see if I can take it somewhere, so your comment really means a lot to me.