Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Snow Place Like Home.........

Although I have lived here in Tonbridge for 10 years now, I have never really adjusted to, or been happy with living in town. I grew up on a farm, and am definitely still a ruralite at heart.

When I buy my next home, I'm aiming to get back to the countryside again, or at least on the outskirts, money permitting.

One thing that I will perhaps miss about living here though is the wide scenic view from my lounge windows over the valley towards Sevenoaks and the High Weald.

Having said that you can only see a short way in these pics due to the mist. Normally the "Blue Remembered Hills" are visible in the distance when I get up in the morning....Today though, just snow, and one of my neighbours taking her son to school.

The two shots above were taken just before 9:00am this morning, as I went out for the day.

I took the camera with me, and now on my return, here is how the same scene looks seven hours later at 4:00pm.

What a difference a day makes.........


Favorite Apron said...

Wow - the grass is so green. Is that usual in your part of the world?

Greenmantle said...

Well yes in some circumstances...Like in hat very bright, brilliant, low evening sun, just after it has finished raining....Or perhaps when I might have hit the "saturation" slider a just wee touch in photoshop !