Thursday, 25 January 2007

Work In Progress...............

As the office where I'm temping was closed yesterday, for the regular staff to go to their annual conference, I had the day off.

A good opportunity then to put in a few hours on a painting and decorating project I'm doing for a friend. Just the upstairs loo and landing at the moment, having already done the Kitchen, Bathroom & Utility Room last year. He's slowly doing up his whole house so he's in no rush, and it's handy work for me to fit in the gaps.

This is the bit I really like...Out with the roller on virgin plaster. It's instantly rewarding and quite theraputic with the radio on and the Typhoo coming hot & hot. (Link for non UK readers!)

It only took a short while to do this section, but next I have the fiddly boring job of undercoating and glossing all the woodwork....not so much fun!

Just started..........................................Two mugs of tea and some whistling later.

Actually it still needs another coat, but you get the picture.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Wow! quite a difference indeed. I enjoyed the pictures from yesterday too. It is a nice spot, even if it isn't the one calling you. We lived in our last house for 10 years and never got past the feeling it was just temporary. Think we're more at home where we are now (a whole 4 miles from the last one).

Allotment Lady said...

Brilliant photos - and a decorator too - no end to your talents then.

Greenmantle said...

Praise indeed coming from you Lottie...! There ought to be a picture of you under "multi-tasking" in the dictionary.

Peggy said...

That is the EXACT colour of green I have been looking for for my new bathroom! What is it?

I thought I'd have a peek at your old blog to see if anything was moving and here you've started a new one! Welcome back (belatedly)

Greenmantle said...

Hi Peggy,

Well I can't swear the photo is 100% accurate to the shade of green in real life...but looking at it again now, it's pretty darn close.

It's a professional grade paint from Brewers.

The colour is called "Willow II".
They stock match pots, but mix the bulk to order when you buy it.

It's several times better quality than ordinary DIY dulux, having a better base, and therefore needs fewer coats. Might be more expensive to buy though...I didn't supply it.

29 January 2007 22:16