Saturday, 8 August 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For...........

Having formerly bemoaned the lack of excitement in my life just lately, I suppose that I ought really to be grateful to the fellow motorist whom, whilst attempting to turn right yesterday morning, failed to see my bright red Fiesta of Doom bearing down on him.

The emotions I experienced in the split second between seeing him appear two car lengths in front of me on a major road, and then suddenly being face down with a mouthful of air bag, certainly fit the general description of "exciting". In retrospect at least.

Fortunately there were no serious injuries. (Although today my neck feels as if someone took it apart during the night and reassembled it without reference to the instructions.)

"Mon voiture" on the other had, has finally executed its last three point turn, now being a least a foot shorter than the designer intended.

The other party's insurers were on the phone to me within the hour, accepting full liability, and the normal formalities are in chain. It goes without saying of course that the "book price" of my 11 year old but very well looked after, low mileage motor, will not do justice to it; and I shall probably struggle to find a like-for-like replacement after the pay-out. But considering that I am still in a position to need another car, (i.e. breathing) this seems like a comparatively minor gripe.

I picked up the courtesy car they supplied today, and purposely drove past the scene of the accident on my way home, in order that no demon should remain unslayed. Considering it is the latest model of hatchback, built in a different century to my previous ride, I can't say that I'm very impressed with it. It has around 20 adjustable seat positions, none of which are quite right, suspension stiffer than a dead cat, and accelerates as if the engine were full of treacle.

The air-con though I will concede, represents a major technological advance.... As does actually being able to hear the engine, over 300 plastic door panels vibrating in dreadful symphony.

Somehow I expected something more though..... Something more.... "exciting"?


lottie said...

Oh dear - hope you are feeling better now. Its horrendous when something like that happens.

Soilman said...

Woah. Sorry to hear about the near miss. I've only ever chowed on airbag once (traffic accident in... Belgium) and that was enough. Don't fancy another course.

Hope the whiplash sorts itself out.