Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Patience, they say, is a virtue.........

Last April when I first put my name down on the local "Lottie List" (she's a busy girl is our Lottie) I was 36th. ... Out of 36, naturally.

Meanwhile friends of mine have secured a plot at another local site - after a very short wait- and have cleared it, cracked on, and been given a second one. Apparently I could get one there too.....But I don't want one there.

I want one at the OTHER (clearly more exclusive) site that I visited first, and which is conveniently on the way to and from work.

Having phoned he Council's "Allotment Office", which I bet is not really an office, but just a phoneline in some conglomerated department, I find that I am now 16th out of 54.....

So this time next year.......!!!

(Actually I'm rather glad they didn't say "Lucky you, one's just come up!".... It's far too bloody cold for allotmenteering just now... Or much else.)

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