Sunday, 19 October 2008

"The Dog Ate My Homework Sir".......

Rather a quiet couple of weeks recently, without anything very noteworthy to blog upon I'm afraid.

I've been trying to rack up the brownie points at work, by introducing a few new ideas, and new systems, as we are dependant on the construction industry, which has been completely paralysed by this ridiculous banking furore, and things are not looking so great. Having been caught out before, I now a very strong self-preservation instinct when it comes to dodging the axe of redundancy....Or at least I hope I have. So as the newest of new boys, I'm trying to demonstrate my potential, in case there is to be a reckoning, which unfortunately seems likely.

On the domestic front, Spannerman has been back few times, and the boiler now produces heating AND hot water.....but only when it feels like it. So still a work in progress I guess.

My sole goal this weekend was to do some guitar practice, which I am currently putting off by writing this. It's a stupid situation really. I mean, I really DO want to learn the guitar, and I enjoy going to lessons, but I don't seem to have much commitment to practicing between times.

It's a bit like being back at school, where you had a whole week to do your homework, but still ended up trying to cram it all in on Sunday night. Except this time I am paying for the privilege.

The fact that my tutor lives a few doors up from me, and was outside polishing his new TVR yesterday, ought to act as some kind of spur for me to get my money's worth I guess!

I am currently supposed to be learning "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" by those be-kilted northern funsters, Travis; but if it turns out anything like my previous attempts at "Wish You Were Here" by the Floyd, or "Stairway to Heaven" I suspect a noise abatement petition from the neighbours is fairly imminent.

Incidentally, I had to tell my guitar guru, I was not going to undertake any more denim clad, drug fuelled, 70's rock classics, on the grounds that I was hoping to become a guitarist not an archaeologist.

This caused some consternation as it seems his teaching repertoire is pretty heavy on dinosaur rock. But at least I am now allowed to pick my own targets, which basically results in me trawling the web for catchy sounding songs without any bar-chords in them. My fingers were simply not designed for bar-chords.

But in answer to Fran Healey's plaintive enquiry ""Why Does It Always Rain On Me", I'm pretty sure it's not because "I lied when I was seventeen"..............It's because you live in Scotland mate!


Rebsie Fairholm said...

If it's any consolation, it's entirely normal to shirk music practice. I didn't get where I am today by doing my guitar practice. Maybe that's why I still can't play bar-chords after 28 years, though I continue to blame it on my girlie fingers and the fact that fretboards are made too macho and chunky for female musicians.

Being practice-averse hasn't stopped me forging a career in music (albeit a laughingly low-paid one) and even though I now work with a real guitar god who probably did do his practice, it felt good to be able to do my own twanging on my first album. Amazing what you can cover up with a bit of reverb.

Nice guitar. Enjoy it!

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Top tip - buy another guitar. This works wonders. Gibson Les Paul is the Spouse electric guitar of choice and he lusts after a Taylor acoustic.

This results in approx 1 week of frantic guitar riffs and then he decides he heeds a hollow body flame burst something or other and off he goes again.

Spouse has 6 guitars but still can't knock out any tunes that I like.

welsh girls allotment said...

dinosaur rock .. tsk tsk .. everyone knows that its the law to learn Smoke on the Water !!!

Petunia's Gardener said...

A neighbor and I have been learning yoga at our local community center. We both admit to no practice outside of class (well, it has still been good outside weather). But in true yoga fashion, there's no pressure! I've found my calling! You'll be well rewarded by developing guitar skills, though. I don't have a chance at that, but fortunate to have friends who do. Enjoy!