Tuesday, 4 September 2007

"Eeee, It's Grand!" ........

This fixation of mine with watery landscapes seems to be growing. I had another 5 mile walk yesterday, not along the Nene this time, but along the towpath the Grand Union Canal, which is linked to the Nene, and also flows thought the town.

After you get away from the built up industrial sections, which now now of course all seem to be converted into trendy canalside apartments as below, it's really very peaceful.

There were a few barges passing now and then, but given the number of locks on this stretch - 13 in one half mile "flight" alone - I'm not sure it's the most relaxing mode of travel after all.

I was a bit disconcerted at one point to find the powers that be, builiding another huge elevated ring road over a particularly pleasant spot, but then the canals were never meant to be this rustic in the first place. They were after all, the motorways of their day, so I suppose there is some precedent for tearing up the land hereabouts.

These ponies seemed completely oblivious to passers by, and would not acknowledge dogs, people or boats.

Mind you, I have also been known to be a bit single minded whilst eating.


Matron said...

That is just so typically English, isn't it. I grew up around the Grand Union Canal in Brentford where it meets the river thames, happy days!

Allotment Lady said...

I too loved walking the canal paths of which there are many running through Beds and Bucks and Northwards to our neck of the woods

Melanie Rimmer said...

What a lovely walk. Thanks for taking us along with you.