Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Oi Meatloaf !....Two out of three IS quite bad......

Hopefully this is the first and last post I will ever write about soft furnishings, but having had a simple sofa situation turn into a pain in the neck these last two weeks I am minded to observe how useless some retailers are.

On moving in I bought a new brown leather suite, which looks good and is very comfortable. However, room space limited me to the smaller two seater size, and due to my 6'3" frame, when I am in the preferred horizontal football watching position, my head is up on one armrest, and my legs hangover the other. This is OK, but necessitates a cushion or two under my neck, in order to avoid cramp and spinal distortion over the full 90 minutes Brian.

Having just spent silly money on the suite I thought the accessories ought to at least vaguely "go" with it, and you'd think it would be a simple task in a large town to buy three brown(ish) cushions.... Well not in Northampton it ain't.

Despite not being overly fussy about exact colours or patterns etc, nowhere had three the same in stock..... So step forward the following stores who all seem to think that people only need cushions one or two at a time.

Debenhamns, Littlewoods, BHS, M&S, Beatties, Roseby's, Harveys, Wilkinsons, Woolies.

And a special mention goes to the lady in one posh furniture store, whose name I immediately and deliberately forgot, who offered me the above Meatloaf inspired excuse!

Now take a bow Dunelm Mills in Wellingborough, which is a sort of secret cushion silo for the western world.... Man do these guys have cushions!..."Three of the same or twenty of the same - not a problem Sir."

So mission finally accomplished, and whilst the actual item in question is immaterial to the point - for cushions you could read any other consumer item - it leaves me wondering what the purpose of these big chain stores is, if they are crammed with loads of stuff to look at, but no stock to actually buy?


Matron said...

Furniture stores make at least 400% markup on any price they display. Never buy furniture unless it is at least half price.

Greenmantle said...

I Quite agree Matron...other than the sofa which was half price, I have been buying my furniture on Ebay....much cheaper for the same things.

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

If only Hereford had that many shops...