Sunday, 12 August 2007

Norfolk 'n' Good.....

Well I'm back from "Naar'ge", and a fine city it is too, I have to say.

My primary reason for going was to undertake a intensive five day driving course there, as I have never had a licence, or a car in my life; nor ever been interested in having one to be honest.

But with the job hunting thing, and the getting back to Kent occasionally thing, I have now had to bite the bullet so as to speak, and have a crack at it.

Apparently, according to the DSA stats, the average person passes their test nowadays after around 40 hours tuition and practice, so I thought it worth the money to cram 20 odd hours into one week, as well as class room lessons, and also sit the theory test at the same time ( I'm "top man" on the old hazard perception test I can tell you!)

Having passed the theory on the Wednesday, there was an opportunity for me to take the driving test on the Friday, but in truth, I had to admit I wasn't really ready. I still need a bit more experience and confidence round those big "mad-as-a-fish" junctions they have in Norwich.

I knew there was no guarantee I would actually pass in five days, as I am an old dog, and this is very definitely a new trick, but overall I think it was money well spent....I'll have a few more lessons locally, and book a test asap in somewhere quiet like Wellingborough I think.

Any Hoo .... the other plus side of the week was that I got to eat out in nice pubs and restaurants every evening, and also fit in a bit of photography. lucky souls! come the photos again !!!

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Petunia's Gardener said...

My husband recommends getting one of those "L" stickers once you hit the roads, if they still have them. While he was used to driving the US side, while driving in the UK, he thinks it encouraged (i.e. warned) the other drivers to leave the learner a little space for errors! Once there are wheels with that license, an allotment should be following. Congratulations on the progress.